Saturday, May 8, 2010

Denying reality due to (wrong) revelation

The hot topic of the week is George Rekers, Baptist minister and founder of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality.  A 61-year-old former professor of Neuroscience, Rekers has spent the past three decades providing a scientific face to the idea that homosexuality is bad for society, families and the individual, and that it is a controllable factor in one's life.  His research (or "research") has found that 18 to 22 months of weekly therapy (mostly aversion therapy) can treat homosexuality.  On the legal side, he has testified as an expert witness for the Boy Scouts' discriminatory practices and against allowing homosexual people to adopt.  Now he has been caught with taking a vacation with a gay escort, and another gay prostitute has come forward with a similar story.  The irony has produced some amusing comedic segments.
In 2006 we saw an identical situation with Ted Haggard, founder of Colorado mega-church New Life Church.  While Haggard's proclamations against homosexuality were generally light, his downfall was total, as the evangelical movement sees homosexual behavior as evil.
In both cases, and many that do not make headlines, the religious are in denial about the truth.  In the past that truth could have remained hidden, but in the modern age of media and connectivity, the cover-up is not sustainable.
And the Bible only has few references to homosexual behavior.  Those passages could easily find themselves grouped with the mountain of other Biblical prohibitions we now ignore.  Recall that two centuries ago the Bible clearly and non-arguably was either pro-slavery or not anti-slavery.  Now Christian groups are at the forefront of anti-slavery actions, since the Bible obviously commands it.  Society forms religion, and religion will have to accommodate the fact that some people are unchange-ably homosexual, and they are not evil due to this detail.

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