Thursday, August 26, 2010

New killers: atheist doctors

An article with the eye-catching title "Atheist doctors 'more likely to hasten death'" informs us:
Terminally-ill patients would be well advised to find out the religious beliefs of their doctor, according to research showing the effect of faith on a doctor's willingness to make decisions that could hasten death.
The article refers to a British survey of 4,000 working doctors which found, among other results:
Regardless of specialty, those doctors who described themselves as "very or extremely" non-religious were generally more likely to have incorporated sedation into the treatment of dying patients, and twice as likely as religious doctors to have been involved in decisions intended to hasten the end of life.

There is no indication that these doctors are doing anything illegal or unethical, they are instead considering all options for the overall benefit of the patient.  Perhaps a better title for the article above may be "Religious doctors allow their beliefs to restrict medical options".

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