Sunday, October 17, 2010

So may unsaved, so little time . . .

The website of the Mission to Reach Unreached People points out:
Almost 2 billion people (27.9% of the world) are still essentially cut off from access to the Gospel.
This problem will only grow worse, so the Mission is on the case:
We plan to stimulate the creation of hundreds of long term strategy teams globally. These strategy teams will work with Christians from around the world to encourage a broad set of innovative strategies (word evangelism, deed evangelism, prayer evangelism, business evangelism, and even miracle evangelism efforts) in the effort to promote transformational church planting movements.
The website is notable for the extensive guide to the Unsaved Peoples of the world.  For example, we can learn that the Bolon of Burkina Faso number 25,000.  Yet only 3% are Christian adherents and the percentage of Evangelicals is at a minuscule 1.45%.   To alleviate this situation, the page recommends praying for churches, Bibles and other tools of ministering. 

Many aspects of this Mission, and the website, strike a Humanist.  First is the absolutist nature of the goal.  Everybody in the world must be an Evangelical Christian.  Or, to be more specific, everybody in the world must have Evangelical Christianity exposed to them as an option.  When it comes to your eternal soul, ignorance is not excuse!  If you haven't accepted Jesus for any reason, you will suffer forever.   Another interesting feature is the detail and care that the Mission has devoted to this project.  No group is too small, and no one in the entire world is not under consideration.  This is bottom-up organizing, putting people on the ground in the towns and villages, gaining converts one-by-one. 

The power of religion to motivate is undeniably impressive.  But how much of that motivation is to do useful things?  Running a school or clinic, helping with irrigation and inoculation, etc., are constructive activities, but replacing local beliefs with alien myths is not.

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