Sunday, November 7, 2010

Positions from revelation against positions from rationality

This past week the Pope had a few unkind words concerning the non-religious, specifically in Spain:
“The renaissance of modern Catholicism comes mostly thanks to Spain. But it is also true that laicism, a strong and aggressive secularism was born in Spain, as we saw in the 1930s,” the Pope said on board his plane just before arriving in the northwestern coastal city of Santiago de Compostela.
Catholicism is still the official religion of Spain, yet there have been considerable steps away from a religious basis for government policy.  To have a convincing counter-argument, the Pope must draw upon more reasons to oppose gay marriage, available abortion, birth control, etc., than revelations and Natural Law.  But those are the domains within which religions operate, so the Pope is stuck calling for people to do what he tells him because that's how things should be.  A Humanist, however, sees the churches as places that can give inspiration to some, and help to others, but should not be given the power to impose their self-created morality on others.

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  1. The Fascist government of Franco worked hand in hand with the leaders of the Catholic Church to suppress human rights and democracy for over 40 years. When Franco finally died, Spain soon threw off the onerous yoke of church-supported Fascism, and most Spaniards embraced a liberal world view and modernity with exuberance. Spain is now among the most progressive societies in Europe, and even allows self-sex marriage.