Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A tiny step toward an army not driven by religion

For the past several years the US military has been sporadically trying to move away from its compulsively Christian atmosphere.  Recently the Pentagon had been planning a National Day of Prayer ceremony, and then backed out:
The Pentagon's decision to disinvite not only Graham, but also the National Day of Prayer task force led by author Shirley Dobson, the wife of influential Focus on the Family founder Dr. James C. Dobson, suggests the Pentagon's rejection of Christian leaders is much broader than previously recognized.
 The comments that Franklin Graham made saying that Islam as practiced is evil were probably the deciding factor, considering that the military is now trying to establish order in two overwhelmingly Islamic countries.  Reflecting the Muslims that he sees as closed-minded and superstitious, Graham states
"This political correctness that has crept in, that if we stand for what we believe in, all the sudden we are not tolerant. They almost make it look like we are participating in hate speech, when we say that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life, and there's no way to God except through Christ and Christ alone. They are interpreting that now as being hostile and hate speech."[italics added]

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